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Media Training

Media Training – Business/Individual

Do you have to present yourself in the media on a regular basis?

If this is the case, it is important to communicate your message effectively. Maybe you believe you are doing a good job already, but progress could be made in
terms of appearance, voice or content. Or you are completely at a loss when it comes to preparing for media contact and you could use all the help you can get in this area.

We have developed custom made media training programs where you learn how to present yourself, speak with inspiration, make short and powerful statements and deal with different kinds of media. Most importantly, you learn through good and efficient preparation, to feel comfortable when coming in contact with media. Because when you are feeling comfortable, you are at your best and will do the best job in selling yourself, your company or your product most efficiently.
In a time where we are flooded with numerous messages each day, your media performance will make a difference and that is where you will gain the most.
We are here to help you reach that goal.

Media Training – Artists

How do you come across as an artist?

More and more artists are aware of the fact that how they are portrayed in the media, is an essential element of their success. Training in this department is very useful and may even be a must for every public figure.

Still, there are few parties who develop media training programs specifically fitted for the music industry. We have developed the perfect solution:
a training program especially for starting or experienced artists, custom made to the often different needs and demands of the music & entertainment industry.

In a time where the market is flooded with new public figures and ’15 minutes of fame’ seem within reach for everyone, it becomes increasingly more important to leave a lasting impression. To excel in performance – on its own- is unfortunately not a guarantee for success. How you are perceived by the public through
media might be equally important.

A lot of artists find any form of training in media somewhat artificial. But our goal is not to completely script every media contact. Our training is about preparation, so you can convey a clear and powerful message. Learn how to make a statement, build an image and present yourself and your passion to a point where
you win the sympathy of the media and with that, the sympathy of your audience.

 Please contact us for the different possibilities.